Villa Pecatu


Two concrete Villas that can act as the mirror and contrast to each other. The first is a rock embedded in the ground. Firm and solid. The second it’s a rock floating above ground. Light and marvelous. Both sisters born from the same parent.

Villa 01 has 2 Bedrooms and houses the owner of the property. A film maker based in Bali, needs in the comfort of his house, the shelter for his creative mind. For this, an elevated Oasis typology is born. By elevating the whole ground floor and surrounding it either with garden but also with the house itself, an oasis is born - apart from the street level and above adjacent neighbors.

Villa 02 is built as a social house. A big concrete "bedroom block" floats above the ground level held by only 4 columns, 2 inside the house, and 2 outside. The "bedroom block” directs the view of the bedrooms to the natural forest next to the land site and also creates a double ceiling height for the ground floor activities, which has a 3-meter screen projector and a 16sqm sunken living room.

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