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About Us

The Serious Bureau is born from a conversation between 2 friends. Lucas Issey, Brazilian architect and founder of Y Arquitetos in Curitiba, Brazil and Omri Ben-Canaan French entrepreneur, co-founder/CEO of Kosong Satu Group in Bali.

They both were appalled by how boring the whole architecture / building space was in Bali and that nothing really creative or avant-garde was available.
All industry actors seem to align themselves on making the same boring villas with the same materials (please no more alang-alang roofs!) without any real research or originality.

The Serious Bureau wants to change that and be disruptive in any way it can.

Its mission is to rethink architecture altogether.

Its motto: F**k boring.


1st Place – Haus Prize New Ambiance – 2021
1st Place – Haus Prize – Best Bar Ambiance – 2018
Honorable Mention – Competition Passagens sob o Eixão-Brasília – 2012
2nd Place – Santana do Livramento Campus Expansion – 2011
1st Place – Architectural Competition of UFPR – 2011


Founder Profile Lucas

Lucas Issey

Serious Co-Founder

Founder Profile Omri

Omri Ben-Canaan

Serious Co-Founder too

Kosong Satu Logo 2022 black 1

Kosong Satu Group

Super Serious Mothership

The Serious Bureau is part of Kosong Satu Group together with these super cool brands.

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