01 - program inversion
If the worry in whatafuck's design was to attract people towards consumption, this time the worry is to handle the orders of the customers that already inhabit the street.

02 - Interface 3 in 1
The Roots concentrates all its projectual effort in the facade design. An unique element, the gate, composed by metallic orange plates, gives the necessary highlight to its surroundings, swamps between door and seal with the touch of a bottom, and while open still offers the protection of a marquise and its maximum connection to the street.

Area: 52 m2
Authors: Lucas Issey, Pedro Sunyé e Guilherme Schmitt
Team: Brunno Douat, Helio Buba, Humberto Carta, Thamires Nickel

Roots3 1
Roots4 1
Roots5 1
roots 16
roots 15
roots 19
roots 18