Neuroscience Pavilion


01 - ARCHITECTURE AND NEUROSCIENCE : In partnership with the architect josé wagner garcia, who for years has studied the human cognitive and sensory relationships in relation to the built space that surrounds it, the neuroscience pavilion seeks to embrace these precepts to generate a stimulating and pedagogical architecture.

02 - EDUCATION AND BIOMES : With the objective of bringing knowledge and information to the most different biomes of Brazil, the new pavilion brings with it an augmented reality “cave” showing the biological diversity of our national territory.

03 - ADAPTATION : Starting from the cross-section “X” design, the lower triangle of the shape, when rotated by the center of the “X”, goes from the shelter/cave to the marquee/cover/pavilion entrance. A simple logic that requires design and fabrication only possible through the use of digital fabrication to calculate each intersection at angles and assembly processes. Based on this logic, each pavilion is adaptable to each biome.

Area: 999 m2
Year: 2017
Location: Brasil
Authors: Lucas issey e pedro sunye
Team: Helio

Neuroscience pavilion1
Neuroscience pavilion2
Neuroscience pavilion3