Ethnos Clinic


Ethnos ID promotes a change of paradigm in the market and in the life of the prosthesis users.
It enables the amputees the change of the feeling from being EXCLUDED to EXCLUSIVE.
when designing their new office and clinic at barra da Tijuca, we brought the same contrast between the tactile naturality of the human skin and the singularity of the color and the curvilinear form.
Curve: This new experience has the responsibility of teaching in a free and continuous way. The body has its fluid moves. The users are relearning how to use their own bodies. The orthogonal normative of conventional spaces don't apply to a place where the premise is the organic moves of the body. Here, the curve is not poetry, it is precise.
Layout: The new clinic is also the business card of the company. For shadowing the reception, the exposed products inform the ideal of the brand. The administrative sector is right side by side, elucidating the premise that the company is involved in every level with the experience of rehabilitation. The physiotherapy and the clinic have as background the view of BArra da tijuca.

Area: 65 sqm
Typology: Residência
Year: 2017
Location: Barra da Tijuca, RJ
Authors: Lucas Issey, Pedro Sunye
Team: Lara Modro, Bruna Sabadin, Maria Augusta Kroetz,

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ethnos ceiling diagram opt