Doc's House


We dedicated this project to the research side by side with the clients, in a singular way of making architecture. they had the site and the desire of a new young life in the countryside. we, the experience who sees the infinity possibilities and knows that experimentation is necessary.

It was proposed as an immersion for architecture: six months of close conversations, guided visits, interviews and presentations in search of sync and learning from one another. in the end, an "intensive" design with ten architects that made part of the process. as a result, a plural and specific preliminary study, creating a fertile ground for a design that answers to all the client's peculiarities.

Area: 200 m2
Typology: Residência
Year: 2016
Location: campo largo, pr
Authors: lucas issey e pedro sunyé, izabel sanches

doc house 4
doc house 2
doc house 1
doc house 3
doc house1
doc house2
doc house3
doc house4
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