As one approaches the new barista coffee bar one notices a great red slab that extends from the inside throughout the sidewalk. This, an invitation to enter and to remember the north of paraná, region of the "terra rossa"(red soil) and place where barista's coffee is produced.

The Baristas - client driven design
Leo Moço and Estela Cotes are two times champion of the National Barista Championship. They have worked with coffee for more than 12 years and have represented Brazil in the world championship in 2016. They opened their first coffee shop in Curitiba in 2013.

01 - Red Floor
The floors inside is extended to the outside, overflowing the perimeter of the house and qualifying the access.

02 - detailing
Ceiling composed by suspended wood slats , it instigates curiosity. A simple ambience, tasty and cozy.

03 - furniture
Exclusive and fast production

04 - forms
Generated from the study of coffee beans.

05 - system
Without glue or screws, the digital fabrication and the joint system allow a singular furniture capable of being produced anywhere with easy, sparing transportation and making by demand.

Area: 130 m2
Year: 2016
Location: Curitiba, Paraná
Authors: brunno douat, miguel meister, lucas issey e pedro sunyé
Team: guilherme schmitt

barista 1
barista 2
barista 4
barista 3
barista gallery 1 1
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